I keep on forgetting to post about a little portrait I was asked to do. A couple of months before Christmas (2015) my dad called me and asked me for a favor. He wanted me to work on a drawing for a very close friend of his from his childhood. I guess the guy had lost all his photos of his father who has passed except for 1 photo. All I know is that the guy wanted a nice LARGE portrait of his dad from that photo so he could have to hang at home. That's all my dad had mentioned when talking to him on the phone. So since it was a close dear friend of my dad I said yes.

A few days later he comes to visit me for the weekend and reminds me about his friends photo and tells me to make sure I keep it safe and to please do not lose it. So of course I'm like yeah sure I will be careful. He goes to his bag and begins to carefully pull out a handkerchief. He carefully folds it open and he pulls out this...

I looked at my dad with a look like you have to be kidding?  He just stared back and was like "what? What's wrong?" I told him how the photo is crazy small and 2nd it's so dang small I'm really afraid I'm going to lose the photo! You know, the ONLY photo this man has of his beloved departed dad. My dad never once mentioned how small this thing was!

From that day on my dad would call me and bug me about his friends portrait. Did I start on it? When am I going to finish it? To make sure I didn't lose the photo and how it's the ONLY photo of this guys dad!

Eventually a few days before Christmas, I finished up the portrait and safely returned the little photo back to my dad who gives it back to his friend. Who I hear was very happy about the final image....

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